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About Me

My first love was Barbra Streisand. Well, technically it was love of how much my grandma loved Barbra. Grammy listened to Babs and belted out along to her songs every morning. Hearing the two of them together was a sound of love and resilience whenever I went through a heartbreak, joy and inspiration while learning to cook, and warmth whenever the world felt cold.

After many heartbreaks, hilarious cooking disasters, and occasional irritation at how the world can be so flawed, I became a person who leads with love and empathy. 

From a young age I was convinced I would be a prima ballerina. I studied at the best ballet schools in Seattle, had a ballerina mother, and an exceptionally vivid imagination. Then I turned 13 and (shockingly) was a fickle teenager and decided being a ballerina might not be my jam. Plus I had some major back problems, so shifting focus was a blessing. The world was my oyster! And the pearl I found? Acting. I couldn’t get enough of it, and still can’t. Tapping into my empathy and bringing characters to life with vulnerability, a little risk, and dare I say a bit of humor, turned out to be my second love. So I took a risk and moved sight-unseen to study Musical Theater at The Boston Conservatory. After many ups and downs living and performing in Boston and New York, and endless source material for emotional range, I was drawn back to my roots in Seattle where I’m now based.

I’m a person who is never quite satisfied (and a person who loves to throw in a good musical theater reference whenever I can) and my third love is making the world better. When I quickly found that jobs and passions outside of theater are what pay the bills, I leaned into my inner social justice warrior and worked in political fundraising, non-profit environmental work, and health equity. Sadly, our world is still not fixed, so I spend my days working on vaccines at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Finally, I bring you to my fourth love, and my most important love. I’ve always been a bit of a hopeless romantic. Engaged twice, married (and divorced) once, and heartbroken too many times to count. The problem? Turns out I’m gay! All of my failed relationships with men were finally explained. I found myself, and I found a family with my partner, our dog Earl, and cat Kylie. 


Other loves include: amateur volleyball, reading, cooking, The West Wing, deep conversations, social justice, and supporting my friends.

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